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Is this ART?

This collection is not like anything else you have seen from me since I started my art career.

Unplanned and unpredictable, these pieces were created from an exploratory practice session, combining two of my greatest inspirations: Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock.

While I have always been a keen fan of both artists, I recently have been watching documentaries on both Rothko and Pollock, highlighting the similarities between us as artists, such as the bold use of colour and even down to the fact Rothko worked on raw, untreated canvas, just like myself.

This collection was born out of practising how to throw paint and create dynamic backdrops for intricate pieces, however, it became a discovery in itself. From swirling paint, throwing from different angles, and dropping from height, each piece had its own style and artistic fingerprint, each one completely distinctive from the next, leading me to ask the question, ‘is this ART?’. To add an extra dimension and ask the same question from the viewer or collector, I included typography to signify ‘ART’ as a constant reminder that it's subjective and can evoke different feelings and mindsets for everyone.

In the process of these pieces, I dedicated two paintings on Rothko’s colour field paintings and two implementing inspiration from Pollock – mixing the boxed, angular effect and dripped technique with my new electric pink, grey, black and gold colour palette, which will be a signature for the next two collections. In a more free, elaborate approach, I took each of the wooden panels outside, in the sun and allowed myself the freedom to just have fun with my craft – no boundaries or fine details and the outcome was boss.

Abstract art is sometimes deemed as ‘simple’; however, there is a very specific process behind each one. What first began as preparation for a future collection, developed into standalone creations that made me ask myself the question, ‘is this ART?’, and I want this collection to inspire people to talk about art and what it looks like to them. I want people to have an opinion, regardless of if it is good or bad.

Collection details

Four original pieces, acrylic on wooden panel - £1,595 each - or full collection (four originals) for £5995

50 small prints of each - £95 each or full collection (four individual prints) for £295

25 large prints of each - £195 each or full collection (four individual prints) for £695

Launching 16 June

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