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Many Artists release open edition prints (unlimited number) for a lower amount than their limited edition prints

Rather than an open edition we have released a limited edition print run of 1000 for £30 each instead of £95 as a complete one off!

We’ve had a great year and would like to repay the support by making more prints available for more people to collect.

The quality of the Art, print, time and effort is still 100% as always! A certificate of authenticity will be provided with each print also!

my final Robin painting of 2023 brings you this beautiful monochrome and bright red breasted beauty! I went with a grey, black, white and gold colour palette this time instead of the usual browns and multi colours of my previous Robin paintings. A colour scheme to match any home but without losing the traditional Red breast which makes the Robin stand out from the rest.

The message in this piece is that when a Robin comes to pay you a visit, is simply LOVE. Feel love, be love, accept love, just be Love, let’s spread more love around the world.



Price: From 30.0 GBP