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The Bird Castle 2024 - IMG_3565



The Bird Castle 2024

I’ve been reworking one of my oldest paintings from a 2015 exhibition. This was previously called "The Bird Castle" and was named that by my daughter Emmy who was 5 at the time. Now it’s been brought into 2024 with my signature golden lines and even more layers and textures!

The painting was signed “JMc 15”. A year later we were told that my actual surname “McClelland” was too tricky/not catchy enough say so we decided to drop the McClelland and go with my first and middle name “John Charles” and then my signature became “JC”.

This painting was originally raffled off for charity and my wife’s dad won it. Now due to downsizing their home the painting has come back into my hands.

It’s had quite the makeover and looks absolutely sensational!! One of the most beautiful and original Liver Bird pieces I’ve ever created.

One size: Original 900mm x 900mm

Price: 2495.0 GBP