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John Charles

A Liverpool native, John was interested in art from an early age but even with the encouragement of his lovely family, never progressed it to more than a hobby.

As a young adult, John descended into a dark battle with drink and drug addiction. After years of being at his lowest point, John sought help and through his prior passion in art, finding an outlet for his creativity and a way out of the substance abuse cycle. Now more than a decade sober, John offers his support to individuals and families that are battling addiction and depression.

Following 8 years of rediscovering his love for art, John became a full-time independent artist in 2019, enabling him to focus exclusively on his two loves, his family and painting.

Since the establishment of the John Charles brand, John has successfully held a range of UK exhibitions, been appointed an ambassador of the Owen McVeigh Foundation and won acclaim from a range of art collectors and celebrities.

To hear more on John's story, watch "The Golden Lines" documentary by NPK Media.

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